Intuitive Tarot Reader & Life Coach

Promoting Change and Positive Living 

Caroline Maria Meade

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Welcome to my Website and thank you for stopping by.  

I have developed this site to create a space for promoting life change and positive living.

I am an Intuitive Tarot Reader , Life Coach and Teacher.   The aim of my work is to allow people to unlock their full potential by gaining clarity and guidance on their life through my readings. To show you what issues or situations may be blocking you, ways in which might help you to clear those blockages and information on where your future path is taking you in each area of your life.  

The future of our lives is always in our hands and my readings can help you gain clarity of mind, allowing you to make the decisions that are right for you.   You can read more about my work by clicking the links below.

                                                                     Enjoy a peaceful and happy day.                         

                                    Caroline x